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Spectral Analyses of Lunar Soils and Analogues
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The Spectral Analyses of Lunar Soils Analogues (SALSA) database is dedicated to share with the scientific community Raman spectra relevant to lunar science and exploration, including new and existing laboratory Raman measurements of lunar samples, analogues, and end member minerals. SALSA is associated with the LunaR spectrometer project, conducted under the CSA's Lunar Exploration Accelerator Program (LEAP). LunaR is a Raman spectrometer that will be on board a future lunar rover. The LunaR project is the product of the collaboration between the University of Winnipeg (MB, Canada) and York University (ON, Canada). The people involved are:



This section lists the publication describing the SALSA database project. You can have a look at the PDF by clicking on the "Get the PDF" button.

"Development of a Raman spectral database for lunar science: a little SALSA on your data."
Manigand, S., et al. (2021) abstract for the joint NESF-ELS 2021.
"Raman spectroscopy for the Moon: Development of a lunar-relevant Raman spectral library."
Caudill, C., et al. (2021) abstract for the LPSC 52.



The current version of the database is v0.2. The table below shows the list of versions of the database since the beginning:

Version Description
  • Add of the Raman transition table and the search page.
  • Raman spectra have now three states of publication: "to be realeased", "to be published", and "fully published". Spectra to be released are only visible by the contributor and the admin. The spectra to be published are visible by everyone but can only be exported by the user and the admin. Spectra fully published are available to export for everyone.
  • Initial version of the data model.

(last update: 14 June 2021)